• Emma on 2012-Jun-19 20:56:32 Emma said

    あ 見たよ 見たよなおpさん ステキ すごいよ ほんとすごい 本当にabsolutely creative!!!まさにそうです 菊のour angel 繊細な感じ とても好きです 私もいつかこんな風に作ってみたいと思いました ネットも電話も昨日から使えるようになりました 今まで1ヶ月10Gだったけどこれからは30Gになるし ひゃっほ なおpさんのブログもじっくり見ちゃうよ yoko
  • Fulchand on 2012-Jun-22 06:16:47 Fulchand said

    wrote:@ Betsy:Huh? I don’t pay attention to that level of ditael to know what you are talking about. wrote:Betsy’s gooblygook comment is beyond me too. OK people. You're lucky I am a linguist and willing to give my full attention to translating for you. How is it that none of you can follow a simple train of thought simply because I had already taken a bedtime dose of oxycontin? gooblygook is in the eye of the beholder.OK, here we go: wrote:I took a long vacation strike after they started interleague play. It was the bumz tht brought ne back.Back in 1994, major league baseball went on strike. NYC-Hubby (the future TexEx) and I went on strike with them, especially after the league hired scabs for the 1995 pre-season. When they came back, we stayed on strike for another season, not attending or watching a single game. (The fact that we had a toddler at the time had NOTHING to do with it.) Anyway, they screwed with the number of teams in a division, added a central division, and started interleague play. So our 1995 pissed-off strike extended into a general who cares for 1996-2007ish. THEN, many the bumz started posting all sorts of playoffs news, playoffs scores, playoffs taunts, and actual play-by-play. One of those seasons that involves the Phillies. If I recall correctly, one bum was married to a Phillies fan. Yes? So I got CT and and Madmom to explain the season to me, as well as some of the changes I'd missed in 13 or 14 yrs, and I once again became a fan. For those who keep track of the trivia of my life (all of us, right??? RIGHT???), you may remember that I actually grew up in Yankee Stadium, at least one game a week for years. Wanted to have Bucky Dent's baby. Knew all the Reggie Jackson trivia. Saw Righetti's 1983 perfect game. Slept in pinstripes, though, alas, not Bucky Dent or Graig Nettles' pinstripes.Then in 1991 I married a Mets fan. I know. Should have seen the writing on the wall. Started maintaining a double life. It's an era I am not proud of.Anyway, when I started watching again in the 21st century, I wasn't really intending to become a Yankees fan again. They're never on TV here, I didn't know most of the players, why bother? Simple. It's YOUR fault. Without the FTFY taunts and shenanigans every time the Yankees got a player on base, I wouldn't have needed to step in as their great defender. Alas, it was meant to be.Now, why is it that none of you could understand this simple story at 11:39 last night? Oh, right. You needed a translator.
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