Kalmyks in the British Army. 1923

Kalmyks in the British Army. 1923. Right - Sandji Balykov Explanation by Сергей Василенко - In 1920, the Russian Communists defeated the army of Baron Wrangel. The army came from the Crimea to Turkey. There, after the 1st World War, remained British occupation forces. The British did not have enough people, so they offered the Kalmyks of Wrangel's army arrive to their service. Received by many people, especially from the famous Dzungar Regiment. Balykov was just out of Dzungar Regiment (the others in this photo I do not know). Even Prince Tundutov was an English sergeant. In 1923, British troops withdrew from Turkey, the Kalmyks have resigned and left for Europe.


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